Xpeng’s head of autonomous driving quits, rumored to join Nvidia

Xinzhou Wu, the vice president of the autonomous driving of Chinese electric vehicle maker Xpeng, has resigned over personal and family reasons.

Wu was a senior director of engineering at Qualcomm where he spent over a decade. He headed Xpeng’s autonomous driving business and played a pivotal role in helping Xpeng gain an edge over its EV rivals in the intelligent driving race.

While Wu is yet to announced his next career move after five years with Xpeng, there are rumours suggesting he is taking up a senior position in Nvidia’s autonomous driving division.

A Weibo post by He Xiaopeng, CEO and founder of Xpeng, hints at this possibility, as he expressed pride in Wu soon becoming a top-level manager at a globally renowned company with continued collaborations on chip technology with Xpeng.

Wu belongs to a group of AI experts who returned from Silicon Valley to work at emerging Chinese tech companies while managing R&D teams in the U.S.

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