“YES MY IT GIRLS”: IVE Wonyoung and aespa Karina go viral for their interaction at the 32nd Seoul Music Awards

On January 19, 2023, a startling collaboration between IVE Wonyoung and aespa Karina was uncovered during the 32nd Seoul Music Grants, and fans have been going off the deep end about a companionship they never saw coming. A video taken by a fan present at the Seoul Music Grants recorded the two aespa individuals, Karina and Winter, advancing off the stage subsequent to accepting their Bonsang grant in the interest of their gathering.

As the two descended the steps, IVE Wonyoung and aespa Karina visually connected with one another and bowed towards each other. Before the video could uncover more about their collaboration, it was suddenly cut off, leaving fans baffled as they attempted to comprehend how close the two may be.

Be that as it may, after seeing the pair’s concise communication, a few Twitteratis communicated their shock and happiness. One fan composed:

As an exemplary for grant shows and music occasions, fans are supposed to pack no less than one unforeseen collaboration between K-pop symbols from various gatherings. Normally, this never neglects to shock fans about the companionships that bud between the different K-pop gatherings. Notwithstanding, it was anything but an unexpected that Wonyoung and Karina would’ve known one another since the two are from fourth-age K-pop young lady bunches who appeared generally near each other.

Besides, considering that IVE Wonyoung was the MC of KBS Music Bank for very nearly two years, it’s normal for her to meet numerous K-pop icons, particularly of the fourth era. Subsequently, the chance of Karina being essential for IVE Wonyoung’s huge rundown of procured contacts through her job as a MC is moderately high.

In the mean time, the collaboration between aespa Winter and IVE Gaeul likewise turned into a hotly debated issue of conversation. As Winter and Karina were advancing off the wise, the previous and Gaeul additionally had their own good tidings going once they were completely situated. With additional individuals from aespa and IVE cooperating with one another, fans’ conviction that the two are very close further concretes this hypothesis.

At the 32nd Seoul Music Grants, aespa accepted their very first Bonsang grant, which means primary or significant awards. Since just the individuals from GOT the Beat were available for the evening, Winter and Karina were there to address aespa and get the honor in the interest of their different individuals. Normally, aespa was likewise unfit to carry out a unique execution for the honor show.

IVE, then again, carried out exceptional exhibitions for two of their title tracks, LOVE Jump and After LIKE. The young ladies likewise stowed the respectable honor for the Best Tune Grant for their single LOVE Plunge. This is a particularly stupendous occasion for the individuals since it’s whenever that a female gathering first has won in this classification since Two times’ success in 2016.

As an ever increasing number of surprising connections bud out grant shows and live events, fans generally celebrate at something similar, finding the numerous companionships between the few K-pop symbols.

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