“You did well”- Woman uses N1.5m her husband gave her for flight to buy foodstuff

A Nigerian lady decided to utilize the money her husband had given her to book a ticket for the family to buy food.

She stated that they were scheduled to fly to Owerri, Imo state, and that she was responsible for booking the airfare for the entire family for N1.5 million.

However, when she gathered the money, she opted to spend it differently, purchasing a large amount of food and clothing.

She ordered fish in a carton and also purchased a large quantity of stockfish, a bag of onions, and other essential food items.

Her decision to buy meals rather than fly with her family elicited a wide range of opinions from her fans. The video was provided by @nikkychu.

Reactions as a lady  uses money for flight ticket to buy food 

@LORD D`OR MASSACRE said: “The lord is your strength… I pray for Wisdom upon you to manage your family & resources wisely.”

@Don-Mayor0 said: “God bless you because I told my guys we came back from Turkey that I rather sleep days for hold up that pay 250k for a flight.”

@Hycenth90 said: “My elder sis did the same. She arrived from USA with the kids. Flight was much.”

@Chy Chy said: “You do well biko. My friend left Lagos with her family around 4am. 11 am they were already in the East.”

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