“You will cry more than that baby” DJ Big N tells women who plan trap a man with pregnancy

One of Nigeria’s most famous DJs, DJ Big N recently has made controversial statement on women attempting to “trap” men by getting pregnant.

In his instagram story, he made it clear that he slammed the women who tried to trick men by getting pregnant.

This statement has ignited discussions on social media and beyond, with various opinions emerging about the ethics and implications of such actions.

Here’s a closer look at the statement


Nigeria is hell on earth, people are suffering and smiling – DJ Big N laments

Kemi Filani reported that Nonso Temisan Ajufo, aka DJ Big N had lamented over the state of the nation.The talented DJ signed to Mavin Records said that the Nigerian entertainment industry has saved many from the streets and gave jobs that the government could not provide.

He stated that if the entertainment industry was taken out of Nigeria, people would understand that it was hell on earth. People suffering and smiling. He also stated that the industry had saved many from the streets and given jobs to citizens that the country couldn’t.

‘I quit an 8-digit job for my career’ DJ Big N says his love for music made him a DJ

Nigerian Hip-hop Disc Jockey, DJ Big N has declared that his love for music made him choose to be a DJ over an 8-digit paying job.

Taking to his Insta-story, he revealed his passion for his career in a question and answer session when one of his fans asked him what motivated him to become a DJ.

According to him, apart from his parents’ motivation, looking out for people’s satisfaction after performing for them is also a driving force to become motivated.

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