“You’re a f00l” – Oxlade condenms senior colleague Iyanya after dragging him for restricting late Mohbad’s account

Following Mohbad’s death, notable Nigerian artist Oxlade has sparked outrage online after dragging his senior colleague Iyanya to muck.

Today, September 22nd, 2023, Oxlade, 26, refers to Iyanya, 36, as a fool after the latter condemns him for restricting late Mohbad account.

Oxlade received harsh criticism from internet users a few days ago after his tribute message revealed how he blocked Mohbad’s account.

He shows a conversation with the late Mohbad in a now-deleted viral video, exposing how he restricted the late singer’s Instagram account since 2018.

In response, Iyanya accused Oxlade of phony love, claiming that when people are acting disingenuous, they share screenshots of how they’ve blocked or restricted a decent person on social media.

Directing his words towards Oxlade, Iyanya reminded him that he had previously cautioned him about his insincerity, predicting that one day, his true nature would become evident.

Iyanya wrote; “When you are fake, you will post a screenshot of how you ‘Restricted’ a good guy on social media. I told you that one day the ‘fake’ in you would be televised.”

However, this does not sit well with Oxlade who fired shot at Iyanya as he refers to him as a fool while adding that silence is not loud enough for his senior colleague and by extension he would be live by 8 pm to speak up.

Oxlade said; “When you are fake, you will post a screenshot of how you “Restricted” a good guy on sm. Told you one day the “fake” in you will be televised.”

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