Yusuf Nazlioglu Wife

Yusuf Nazlioglu Wife: Former Lone Wolf biker Yusuf Nazlioglu was shot and killed in front of his new bride. An ex-bikie who had been cleared as the killer of Mick Hawi had been shot Dead in front of his new wife. Former Lone Wolf biker Yusuf Nazlioglu was shot and killed on Monday night in a parking lot in Sydney’s inner west. Jade Nazlioglu, Mr. Nazlioglu’s new wife, posted a photo from their wedding on Facebook in January. The Nazlioglu family arrived at their Rhodes apartment complex on Walker St at 6.30 p.m.

An unidentified person then approached their car and shot Mr. Nazlioglu numerous times. The 40-year-old male was given on-site care by paramedics before being taken to the hospital, where he passed away at 7:15 a.m. on Tuesday. A short while later, an unidentified man found a burnt-out silver hatchback close to Leeds St. According to Detective Superintendent Martin Hayston, the police, the attack was “targeted.” When he approached and shot this 40-year-old man, the assailant was obviously on the hunt. Nazlioglu was accused of killing the Comanchero chief a year after Mick Hawi was fatally shot outside a Sydney gym.

He was not charged and was found not guilty of all allegations

After being found guilty of a different charge of having a restricted weapon, Mr. Nazlioglu received a sentence of three years in jail and was released on parole in September of the previous year. Large portions of the incident’s location were blocked off by the public and were extensively policed. This is the most recent in a string of violent outbursts stemming from the animosity between Alameddine and Hamzy. The Daily Telegraph reported that Mr. Nazlioglu was caught on camera boasting about death threats while he was incarcerated. I guess I should have been knocked down by the people outside. I had gathered that. During a phone conversation, Mr. Nazlioglu said

Hayston said “didn’t know” if Nazlioglu was Target

Brother, I still used to worry when I left the house that someone may come up behind me and shoot me in the head.” Despite my newfound liberty, I continued to visit the same hairdresser and restaurants.” Even though I knew I would be confronted, I continued to pose for photos in the front yard and hang out on the porches of other boys’ homes. He claimed he had no reason to “believe or disbelieve” that this shooting was related to anything else. When Mr. Nazlioglu was young, his Turkish-born parents raised him in Sydney.

He received a seven-year prison term between 2002 and 2009 for a stabbing attack on a man he had never met. Mr. Nazlioglu confessed to using cocaine abusively at the time of the offense. Police are assisting Mr. Nazlioglu’s family, according to Superintendent Hayston. It can be terrible when someone close to you passes away. We are available to assist in any manner we can. Police have issued an information request to the general public as their investigation into the incident continues. According to a statement from the NSW Police, officers from the Burwood Police Area Command have started an investigation under Strike Force Claypinch.

Police ask that anyone with knowledge regarding the incident or dashcam video contact them or Crime Stoppers at (800) 333-TIPS while the investigation proceeds (8477). How Bikie drove into the parking lot of his building as his new wife stared in horror as a hitman in a little silver hatchback opened fire through the window. The murderer waited for a bikie to pull into the basement of the carpark and then shot the man in front of his horrified new wife. Yusuf Nazlioglu was sent by EMS to Westmead Hospital in Sydney’s west before 6.30 p.m. on Monday after an unidentified shooter opened fire on the parking lot underneath his Rhodes flat.

The shooter waited for Nazlioglu to exit the vehicle

The shooter waited for Nazlioglu to exit the vehicle in a silver hatchback before opening fire on the underworld figure. His wife, Nazlioglu, panicked and dialed 911. The couple recently got hitched. According to authorities, the 40-year-old male passed away on Tuesday around 7:15 a.m. On Tuesday morning, it was removed from the parking lot with a gunshot hole in the driver’s side window. The parking lot was closed to the public the rest of the day until detectives left at 11.30 am carrying a brown bag full of evidence.

Yusuf Nazlioglu Wife

Unrelated to the event, a silver hatchback was set on fire a few blocks away. According to Det Supt. Martin Hayston, the incident was ‘targeted,’ according to the police. A number of lines of investigation are being made into the motivation of the person who approached the 40-year-old man and shot him, according to him. Security guards could be seen rushing down the slope of the garage as soon as Nazlioglu’s wife sounded the alarm. A number of paramedics could be seen moving through the complex before a man who was heavily bandaged was carried out of the building.

It has a mall, apartments, and a parking garage below ground. Plain-clothed detectives began showing up on the site throughout Tuesday morning as the investigation into the senseless homicide moved on. A resident who lives next to the parking lot where the underworld figure was slain claims that despite having his balcony door open when shots were fired, the victim didn’t hear anything. There’s normally a loud motorbike in that parking lot, but last night I didn’t hear any gunfire or anything else. This operation must have been very carefully concealed. “I knew something had happened when the riot squad arrived with five or six police cars,” the speaker said.

He was cleared of murder, he admitted to illegally having a weapon

The culprit was freed from prison in September 2021 after completing a three-year term in three years. Chilling recordings played in court during Nazlioglu’s sentence showed that he was aware of being a marked man. Are you going to knock me down? I used to hear folks saying while they were outside. He reportedly claimed this in 2020 while serving a sentence at Sydney’s Silverwater Prison, according to The Daily Telegraph. I used to still leave the house fearing that one day I would be approached from behind and given a needle to the back of the head.

identical salons, identical f*g eateries Yes, that is accurate. I was aware that I would eventually get knocked down as long as I was in the front yard and hanging out with boys on their porches. The Australian who was brought up by Turkish parents boasts that “all our adversaries know we pray.” Despite a jury’s verdict that Nazlioglu was not responsible for the attack on Hawi, furniture mover Ahmad Doudar, 40, received a four and a half year prison term. Doudar, a father of one, received a life sentence after confessing to his role in Hawi’s murder. The tow truck that Doudar used to recover a hidden silver Aurion and make plans to dispose of it with others while utilizing it as evidence in court revealed his involvement in the crime.

According to Justice Robert Allan Hulme at the sentencing, Mr. Doudar “intended to help in the disposal of the vehicle in order to assist” in the murder. After a week of deliberations, the jury found Jamal El-Jaidi, 32, and Nazlioglu, 39, not guilty of murder. Doudar confessed their participation in the crime when he submitted his plea, but they were not required to give testimony during their trial. When the judge punished Doudar for his involvement as an accessory, he noted that murders like this “do not happen by chance… they require the collaboration of multiple persons.”

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