Zelensky secretly met with CIA director Burns in Kyiv

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky secretly met with CIA Director William Burns in Kyiv last week, several outlets reported on Thursday.

The two reportedly discussed the level of support that Ukraine can continue to expect from the U.S. with Republicans now in control of the House, according to The Washington Post, who first reported on the meeting.

House Republicans have suggested that they intend to rein in aid to Ukraine, but Burns assured Zelensky and his aides that President Biden remains steadfast in his support of Ukraine.

The omnibus spending package that Congress passed in December also included about $45 billion in emergency funds for Ukraine, which they reportedly expect will last at least through July or August, per the Post.

Burns has repeatedly briefed Zelensky throughout Ukraine’s nearly 11-month long war against Russia, according to The Associated Press.

Russia is largely expected to launch another major offensive in Ukraine this winter or early spring, following a series of losses on the battlefield last year.

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